The mesmerizing Hurghada

Hurghada is a beautiful city overlooking the breathtaking Red Sea. For those who don’t know, the Red Sea is like a treasure box filled with precious jewels. It is filled with colorful fish and a rich variety of coral reeves.

The sea life in Hurghada is one of a kind; you will never find a duplicate to it all over the world. You can have a first set show by experiencing this by yourself.

This can be done by driving an exploring the depth and unlocking the sea’s secrets. There are over than 150 types of outstanding coral reeves, as well as around 1500 type of fish. Divers are met by a satisfying experience that with quench their thirsts to sea life knowledge.

Diving is one of the most important experiences a tourist must try. It will have a great impact on them.  Imagine how their happiness would be when they find their underwater pictures posted on Hurghada’s diving sites.

You will also have the golden opportunity of taking pictures of unique fish. You can see these fish on Hurghada’s diving site that has lots and lots of types of Red Sea.

wreck elmina

Some diving websites have pictures of shipwrecks in their new found habitat, the seabed. Let go of your imagination reins and imagine each story behind each shipwreck. You will be able to see a shipwreck of a battleship near the port. This battleship was dated back to the world war. All the above mentioned and more can be found on Hurghada’s diving sites.

Some types of diving:-

There are many types of diving that don’t need

training experience before. While there are

others that need you to go through a training

session so you can be able to go through with

this rich experience. Safety is our number one

priority as Hurghada applies the safety

regulations set by PADI organization.

Here is a brief summary of the trip’s schedule.

The detailed trip’s schedule.

–  It starts at 8 am and ends at around 4 pm

– Number of the drivers:2

– The boat includes a lunch as well as a wide variety of hot and cold beverages.

– A private diving guide.

The trip starts at 8 am on board of the ship. The diving equipment is prepared. The diver explains the diving site that will be explored  together. The guide will also teach you some of the diving principles for beginners.

You will enjoy  vitamin D’s effect from the warm sunshine till you reach the diving site. The equipment is being checked, then you will be ready for the first dive.

 From this moment you step into another world filled with colorful fish, corals and sea creatures that you never laid eyes on before. During your dive, feel free to take as many pictures as you can. By doing so, you will be able to relive the experience again when you get back home.

You can also show it to your friends or colleagues at work. It will be a great conversation opener. After this tour, we will get back to the ship to enjoy lunch in the dining area. During lunch time, the ship will be moving towards another diving site and the equipmentwill be prepared.

You will notice the difference in your diving skills when compared to the first one. By each dive, you will notice an elevation in your diving skills. After the second dive, at around 4 in the afternoon, we get on board once again to start the journey back to the port.

Important tips.

We are a well-experienced team that provides you with a private diver to assist you. Unlike other inexperienced diving centers that have only two or fewer divers to reduce the cost and get the outmost gain, our divers are all PADI certified.

PADI organization applies safety precautions excellently. You will be guaranteed a lovely safe time with us.